G I V E 2 G E T


What do we offer?

  • We pay 80% of the gross amount ;
  • Rent-free trailer for the first 4 weeks ;

Trucks available for lease: 2018 and newer trucks – KW T 680; KW T 880; INT Lonestar, Western Star, PETE 579

  • 100% fuel surcharge;
  • 3 years lease agreement; 
  • 1099 position;
  • 0% down payment and $0 buyout – no balloon payments;
  • Direct deposit every Friday

emailed payroll statements; Pet friendly; Rider’s policy; Referral bonuses; Clean inspection bonuses; 24/7 dispatch service.

Weekly deductions:

  • Truck payment of $600-800 weekly;
  • Flatbed Trailer rental: Reitnouer/Fontaine/East Available –  $300 for 2017-2022 trailer (per week);
  • The 20% deduction from the gross is for cargo insurance + dispatch service);
  • ELD logbook – KeepTruckin + Dash Camera- $45 per week;
  • Tolls per week- we provide an IPASS and the fee will be deducted from the weekly check;
  • Fuel (we offer fuel company cards, but the fee will be deducted from the weekly check);
  • 12 cents discount per gallon
  • PrePass $30;
  • 50$ IFTA.

Please be informed that every driver pays: 

  • $300 maintenance account – you can use it only for truck repairs (Every Friday we send you a statement with balance and spending);
  • Escrow $2500- The escrow serves as insurance for the company that you will be taking care of the equipment. It can be paid in a few installments, $200 per week until you reach the amount of $2500. If you decide in the future to leave the company, we will revise the equipment, and if everything is in order we will reimburse the money to you in an additional 45 days;
  • Occupational Accident Insurance is $45/per week

Our requirements are:  

  • 23 Years of Age or Older;
  • Possess Current Class A CDL;
  • Have 24 Months of Verifiable OTR Experience;
  • Have 6 months of flatbed experience.

 If our offer is something that would work for you, the first step is to fill out the full application.


Fill out the form and our recruiters will contact you within the next 24 hours.



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